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Family Dental Clinic | Pelago Dental

Family Dental Clinic | Pelago Dental

Pelago Dental is a family dental clinic. We are a Karratha-based, locally owned and operated, dental practice that strives to provide the highest quality dental care for every member of the family.

While our main industry in Karratha is mining, there’s been a noticeable shift in who is choosing to live here. We’ve seen a lot of mining industry employees choosing to base their families here instead of continuing with that ‘fly in, fly out’ option.

These families—many of them young families—are seeking greater health-care options, and that extends to dental treatment.


A family dentist in a growing town

There are many women who are taking on the role of staying at home to care for their children, while their husbands work long shifts in the mines, or who themselves are working these long shifts. We are noticing many ladies are choosing to have their children in Karratha and we now have a lot more expectant mothers visiting us.  The people of Karratha are looking for good dental care for themselves and their entire family.

Our aim at Pelago Dental is to provide quality dental care, smiles, friendly service and comfort every day to those who walk through our door. Our patients aren’t just patients to our team; we see them more like our family and friends, and that’s how we like to operate.

It can be quite a transient town, with new families joining us at the beginning of every year. We want people to know we offer quality care with a personal touch.


Oral health care for the whole family

We want our patients to know that proper oral health care is not just about coming to us regularly (although it’s a very important part). It’s also about adopting good dietary and home care habits. Helping families understand the implications of eating refined and sugary foods is a part of what we do. We want our patients to be informed and know that prevention is the key to good oral health. We are finding that a lot of our female patients especially are very health conscious and already understand the importance of balanced diets and good habits.


Doing it for the kids

It’s important to find a dentist who you can trust and one that knows your history. When it comes to children, introducing them to the dentist from an early age can really make a difference to their oral health. Bringing them in for a checkup is more about familiarizing them with the environment and alleviating that fear they might have of seeing the dentist.

By seeing children early, it gives us a chance to educate them to practice good oral hygiene and sometimes prevents problems from occurring later down the line.

If a child looks like they might need braces, seeing them regularly means we can time that right too.

The general rule for how often children should visit the dentist is similar to adults—every six months, however we tailor and vary this for each individual patient as everybody’s needs are slightly different. The regular visits allow us to thoroughly assess and guide you on maintaining good oral health, and increase the child’s awareness for good oral-health practices.

That’s the difference between good and great oral-health care. And that’s essentially what we strive for at Pelago Dental. Call us on 9185 4849 if you have any further questions or wish to arrange an appointment.