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A mouthguard that is custom made by your dentist is the best way to protect the teeth against injury while you are playing sport. Custom made mouthguards are proven to be much more effective than ‘boil and bite’ varieties often found at the pharmacy.

Various colours are available, and it is possible for mouthguards to be made even if your child is wearing braces (it is actually even more important to protect the teeth from injury if you are wearing braces)

An appointment with the dentist is required to take impresions (‘mould’) of your teeth, which is used by the dental laboratory to make your mouthguard.  Once it is made a very short appointment with us is needed to fit it.

Many health insurance funds offer a form of rebate towards the cost of the mouthguard, please call us on (08) 9185 4849 if you require any further information to check this with your health fund.

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