Pelago Dental

Check ups and scale and clean

The check-up appointment is where we get to know each other and discuss any concerns you may have about your dental health, dental history and what results you would like to achieve.

We thoroughly check the jaw and extra-oral areas, the teeth, soft tissues, and your bite. Photographs or X-rays may be recommended. Photographs are great for keeping a record of how things were before treatment, monitoring any areas of concern and even so that we can show you things that you can’t normally see from just looking in the mirror.  This can be really helpful in helping you to understand your treatment. X-rays check the areas of the teeth that cannot be seen by just looking.

Having this information helps us to make a plan just for you, that will allow us to achieve the best results possible and explain each aspect of your care.

A scale and clean removes tartar and plaque from the teeth to help keep teeth and gums healthy. Some people suffer from ‘gum disease’ which requires a different sort of deeper cleaning. This can be done under local anaesthetic for your comfort or you can be referred to a gum specialist called a Periodontist.

At Pelago dental, we think prevention is better than a cure, so we will recommend a fluoride treatment or fissure seals scaleandclean shutterstock_289517354where necessary to help strengthen the teeth and prevent decay.

We will also create an individually tailored home care plan and give you advice on the best way to keep your teeth healthy.


Why may my dentist recommend taking x-rays and are they safe?

Many dental problems are not obvious by just looking at the teeth, even with high intensity light and magnification (as we use at Pelago Dental). This is why x-rays may be recommended to check the proximal or ‘in between’ surfaces where decay often starts, or to assess the tooth roots and surrounding jaw bone for problems such as gum disease, a dead nerve, cysts or tumours.

We use digital x-rays which give a lower dose of radiation than conventional films and while the dose is very minimal we only take x-rays when absolutely needed.

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

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Gum disease is often a slowly progressing condition, which is normally painless.  It can be linked to general health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and increase the risk of pre-term and low birth weight babies if untreated.  Many patients do not realise that they have gum disease until it has become advanced.

At Pelago Dental we perform a screening of all our patients for signs of gum disease. We are able to provide treatment but if the condition is very severe we can also refer you to a Periodontist (gum specialist), and will always choose someone we would go to ourselves.

Common signs of gum disease may include bad breath, loose teeth, bleeding or swollen gums or yellow/brown/black deposits at the gum line.  Please give us a call to arrange an appointment with Dr Randall if you think you may be suffering from these symptoms.