Pelago Dental

As a healthcare setting, mask wearing is strongly encouraged in the waiting area. Please remember to bring your mask to your appointment

We are a family-owned business and our aim is to make each person we see at our clinic feel important and valued. We want you to have the best dental experience possible every time you see us.

Our team live locally and provide the people of Karratha and surrounding towns with the professional and high quality dental care they deserve, in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

We hope to be different from other clinics, in a good way! We want every patient to feel like they have been treated in the same way that we would treat our friends or family.


Invisalign is a series of custom-made, clear aligners that gradually straighten the teeth, similar to the way that braces work,…

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Tooth Whitening

We want you to love your smile!  Many of our patients tell us how having a bright white smile makes…

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Dentistry for Children

Dr Randall and Dr Spinks are particularly good at making children feel at ease when they visit the dentist. We…

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Problems We Solve

No matter what your dental concerns may be, or how long it has been, we are here to help. The…

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