Pelago Dental

Dentures/False teeth

A denture is a form of tooth replacement that can be taken ifull dentures shutterstock_120486475n and out of the mouth.

A partial denture can be made of a metal  (like the picture on the bottom right) or an acrylic base, and clips onto the remaining teeth.

A complete or full denture (top left picture) replaces all the teeth if you do not have any left, or if they need to be removed.

Dentures are, in some cases, the best option to replace missing teeth, especially if you are missing multiple teeth.   They can also be a lower cost option. Dentures are normally made over a few visits, as there are various stages and try-ins that we need to do to make sure they fit and look the best they can.  Each stage is normally sent to a dental technician in a Perth laboratory.  We choose to use a use local Perth dental technician rather than out-sourcing to a cheap overseas laboratory, because we want the best quality results for our patients.

In emergency situations an ‘immediate denture’ can be an option.  This usually involves having a impression or “mould” taken at the first visit, which is sent to Perth, the denture is made to completion straight away and inserted at the next appointment.  There are pros and cons to this option so it is best to come in and discuss with Dr Randall denture shutterstock_120486451

Repairs are also possible but do usually have to be sent to a laboratory in Perth because special equipment is needed to complete such repairs.