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Dental health insurance: use it or lose it

Dental health insurance: use it or lose it

Dental health insurance: use it or lose it

Dental health insurance is a complex issue, and not something you should set-and-forget as part of your private health insurance package. There are many insurance plans out there, and there are differences in what they offer when it comes to dental. To get the best value, it pays to first shop around and see what’s on offer.

Depending on what is most affordable for an individual and what best suits their lifestyle, health insurance plans can vary.

How to evaluate what dental insurance you need

Firstly, think about your own oral health. Are you the sort of person who has gone to the dentist your whole adult life, and never got a filling? Do you brush and floss regularly? If so, it may be worth talking to your dentist about the kind of insurance cover you may need in the future.

By contrast, if you have had significant treatments like dentures or implants, there is a chance you will need a lot of maintenance work in years to come. Again, your dentist can give you a good idea of what to expect.


Should I look for a ‘preferred provider’?

Some private health insurance funds point members towards preferred providers for dental work. This can ease the cost pressure for some patients depending on the treatment they’re getting. We are a preferred provider for both Medibank and HBF, which means members of those funds can get the best possible rebate for a treatment if that treatment is covered by their plan.

However, you shouldn’t feel pressured to not follow a path of treatment solely for insurance purposes. Your dentist will advise you on the best oral health outcomes for you—not for the insurance company.

Being a preferred provider is about providing patients with the best possible rebate for their treatment. This ultimately puts clinics in a better position to provide patients with the best level of care for the best possible rate.


Health insurance doesn’t have to be stressful

One of the most common reasons patients offer when asked why they don’t have health insurance is that it’s ‘just another thing’ or ‘just another stress’. But health insurance doesn’t have to be stressful.

Nowadays a lot of dental clinics, including Pelago Dental, are equipped with HICAPS facility, which allows for claims to be made and processed on the day of your appointment—no more wasted days waiting at the insurance offers or anxiety over waiting for your refund to be processed.


Review your cover regularly

It’s important to review your cover from time to time to make sure it still meets your healthcare needs. Similarly, you should be mindful of not neglecting your cover—people often do not realise that their health cover benefits, like included regular checkups, DO expire.

Most dental health insurance offers you a preventive dental visit once every six months, so it would be a shame not to go, right?

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